Ok, so this is perhaps the most crucial part of the FC Africa project. In true Bob Geldof style – Give us your money!… Well, you’re not actually giving it to us, but to local community projects in Africa.

You can help by simply advertising with us. As you can see there are opportunities for adverts down the right hand side of the page. These adverts appear on every page around FC Africa, and should be seen by plenty of people. We are offering these moving ‘button’ adverts at a special introductory rate of £20 per calendar month.

We are also offering the chance to sponsor the background, crazy as that may seem! The dark green bars down the left and right of the page can be altered by us, and would make a real impact for your business. We are offering this space at a special introductory rate of £80 per calendar month.

If you don’t feel these appeal to your business, we are also open to discussing other opportunities, such as site-wide sponsorship, or sponsorship of particular sections of the website.

Whatever your thoughts are, simply drop us an email – afrigoalblog@gmail.com – and we can work something out to suit you.

We really look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you can spare a few pennies to help out others.



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