About Us

FC Africa was established in 2011 to hopefully bring change to Africa, both on and offline.

The first mission of FC Africa is to provide top quality, in depth articles about the latest goings on in African football. The site does not wish to promote gossip or rumour, but present factual articles, and first class opinion from both leading and upcoming journalists.

The second mission of the site is to raise funds to help improve communities in Africa. Footballers play charity matches, runners do marathons. As writers, lets use our pen to help make a difference.

We fully understand that this idea maybe a slow burner, but over time it will grow and become a leading authority on African football, whilst changing the lives of people on the continent.

It’s quite simple really to work out, having seen other sites I’ve been involved with grow rapidly based on the content alone. Readers want good content, that makes them come back – more hits means more potential advertising revenue.100% of this revenue will go directly to a chosen project every six months. Perhaps even some readers will choose to donate a bit of money, that can be done also.

We will be keeping a track of which projects we are working with on our ‘Projects’ page. This page will show who we are working with next and why, any correspondence between ourselves and the project, and we will also check in with previous projects over time to see how they are getting on.

Our writing team will be offering some really good stuff over the coming weeks, months and years, so if you’d like to contribute, then visit the ‘Advertise’ page to find out more.

We’re also constantly on the look out for top writers. If you feel you can contribute, hit the ‘Contact’ button on the top right of the page, and drop us an email telling us how you think you can help.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the site, and our coverage of African football.

– FC Africa



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